Expose the Green Week!

Protests and resistance against destructive agriculture and food production at the Berlin Messe Exhibition Ground.

The International Green Week is the world’s biggest agricutlture and food trade fair. It takes place every January and showcases the dominant systems of agricutlure and food production – which is based on environmental destruction, animal exploitation and injustice.

Spread over 26 halls, this massive promostional event disguises the devastation caused by agribusiness – in a well prepared stageshow 400,000 visitors are presented with well designed untruths which attempt to justify current practices.

But it’s not just a spectactle of food and drink for the consumers – the trade fair is an important chance for agri-experts and lobbyists to get together with fat cats from finance, industry and politics.

The ‘Expose the Green Week’ group is taking action during the Green Week to encourage open and critical debate on capitalist agriculture and its exploitation of humans, animals and the environment.

A major focus for the protests and actions is animals. Billions of non-human animals are caged, mutilated and killed for the meat, egg and dairy industries. Despite growing public criticism of this, the theme isn’t honestly addressed at the International Green Week. On the contrary, gimmicks such as the ‘Farm Experience’ serve only to cover up the gruesomeness of the exploitation of animals.

Some of the events and actions

Mon 12th Jan – Fri 6th Feb: Series of talks: “Environment and politics” and exhibition: “Posters against factory farming”. TU main building (Strasse des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin)

Tue 13th Jan 10h-12h: Demonstration: the Rose tinted spectacles award for 2015 goes to the Deutsche Bauernverband for exemplary PR and professional whitewashing! (Haus der Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft, Claire-Waldorff-Straße 7, 10117 Berlin)

Fri 16th Jan 9h-16h: Vigil at the Messe, incl. 15h30 Die-in at the South Entrance. (South Entrance – S-Bahn Messe Süd)

Sat 17th Jan 9h-16h: Vigil at the East and North Entrances of the Messe. (S-Bahn Messe Nord/ICC)

Sun 18th Jan 9h-16h: Vigil at the East and North Entrances of the Messe. (S-Bahn Messe Nord/ICC)

You find a complete list of events (in German) here.